Three law firms with proven success in winning settlements for people affected by the 2007 San Diego fires.

Attorneys with Las Conchas Fire Lawyers have represented more than 1,400 individuals and businesses that suffered losses in devastating wildfires across the Southwest.  Our clients include homeowners, avocado growers, farmers, citrus and fruit growers, ranchers, renters, corporations, and small business owners.

We have obtained settlements for more than 1,000 of our clients who were affected by fire, with over 100 judgments or settlements of $1 million or more.  Las Conchas Fire Lawyers specialize in developing a comprehensive profile of your losses.  Many of our clients have lost everything they owned, including family heirlooms and irreplaceable personal belongings.  Nearly all of our clients suffered other types of damages as well, including emotional distress.  Whatever your experience, we will fight to make sure you obtain a fair and just recovery.

We have successfully obtained payment from utilities to pay for our clients’ property losses, erosion losses, crop losses, emotional distress, physical injuries, living expenses while they were displaced from their homes, evacuation costs, loss of income, and for the discomfort that our clients have endured as a result of being deprived of their homes.  We also have successfully fought for utilities to pay for a portion of our clients’ legal fees.  Las Conchas Fire Lawyers are able to maximize the recovery of each and every client on an individual basis.